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WATCH: Manitoban sees God moving in Mozambique


A missionary is moved by the generosity of people who care about their neighbors.

Rick Neufeld and his family spend nearly a decade in Mozambique, an East African country, but recently he has felt the call to return. Work with Love Mozambique (SAMM Ministries) he was asked to give general help.

“This is where my heart is. That’s where my heart lives, but I actually live in Canada, ”says Neufeld, acknowledging his Manitoban roots.

Neufeld says he’s “incredibly proud” to see the people he first met as orphans grow up, now leaders in their communities.

“It brings tears to your eyes when you see these guys coming out of a bad situation, who have made their lives better and said ‘Look, with the little extra that I have, I want to make somebody’s life better.’ another. “

Marta, pictured sitting, will be taken to a specialist with her father after suffering a serious injury. In addition to food, they contribute to health care and education. (Provided)

This year’s financial situation took a turn during the pandemic, raising concerns for the ministry. They lost about $ 30,000 which they normally counted on through donations.

“(We’re) a bit of a rush here because we’re about to buy here, it’s literally 500 people a day here, we’ve got to figure out where it’s going to come from.”

By starting Steps with SAMM, they hope to encourage 1,200 people in Canada to donate the equivalent of a bag of corn, $ 25, to compensate.

As part of this, they organized a walk-a-thon, inviting residents of their Mozambican neighborhood to join them for a short walk and for a party and meal afterwards.

having dinnerPeople enjoyed an evening of food and dancing at a Steps with SAMM event. (Provided)

“We have widows in the program who give to those who are suffering. They literally take what God has given them and pass it on.”

During the event, the people of Mozambique mobilized for their neighbors, donating more than $ 100, the equivalent of 42 days of work. Neufeld says it was the equivalent of everyone giving up almost a full day’s pay.