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The Malagasy population is facing a serious humanitarian crisis


Antananarivo [Madagascar]Aug. 22 (ANI): Hundreds of thousands of people suffer from one of the worst droughts in southern Madagascar in 40 years, the country’s top UN official said, warning people are facing to a serious humanitarian crisis.

Issa Sanogo, the United Nations Resident Coordinator in Madagascar, recently visited the region and told UN News how climate change is making life increasingly difficult for the people who live there and how the UN is helping those who need it.

Southern Madagascar has been facing drought for three years. Drought has wiped out crops and hampered people’s access to food, and COVID-19 has made their suffering worse. is now facing food insecurity due to drought resulting from low rainfall.

“We then moved further south to Amboasary and Ambovombe, two areas located in arid lands, where we encountered populations facing poor harvests. Here, nearly three million people are suffering the consequences of two consecutive extreme droughts. In Amboasary Atsimo commune, around 75% of the population is facing severe famine and 14,000 people are on the brink of famine, ”Sanogo said.

In the village of Marovato, located just eight kilometers from Ambovombe, people have not been targeted for assistance as they are considered to be part of the urban population and therefore do not meet the criteria for support. , reported UN News.

However, these people were significantly affected by the sandstorms; all their cultivated land is silted up and they cannot produce anything.

“Most of the southern regions are already in a nutritional emergency, so it is inevitable that women and children will be even more affected if we do not intervene,” added Sanogo. (ANI)

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