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Mozambique: number of active Covid-19 cases reaches new record


Maputo – According to the latest statistics from the Mozambican health authorities, the number of active cases of the Covid-19 respiratory disease reached a record 19,923 on Friday.

The previous highest figure was 19,777, recorded on February 21, at the height of the second wave of coronavirus infection. Since then, the number of active cases has declined fairly steadily, until the current third wave of the disease hit Mozambique.

The number of active cases fell to 430 on May 31, but then rose through most of June and accelerated sharply in July. The rise is inevitable when the number of new cases of the disease diagnosed exceeds the number of recoveries – as has been the case almost every day since early June.

Most of the active cases – 11,007 (55.2%) on Friday – were in Maputo. The distribution of the remaining cases was as follows: Tete, 2,764; Maputo province; 2.702; Gaza, 800; Manica, 775; Inhambane, 714; Niassa, 484; Sofala, 343; Zambezia, 153; Nampula, 145; and Cabo Delgado, 36 years old.

A press release issued by the Ministry of Health on Friday reported 18 more deaths from Covid-19. These victims were 12 men and 6 women, all of Mozambican nationality and aged between 17 and 81 years old. Nine of them died in Maputo, five in Matola, two in Gaza, one in Tete and one in Manica.

This brought the total death toll from Covid-19 in Mozambique to 1,075. There were 197 deaths in the first 16 days of July – more than four times the death toll of 44 for the entire month of June.

Since the start of the pandemic, 660,536 people have been tested for the coronavirus, 4,688 in the past 24 hours. Most of the tests came from Maputo City (2,248), Tete (686) and Maputo Province (494). Together, these three provinces accounted for 73.1% of all samples tested on Friday.

There were also 290 tests from Nampula, 250 from Gaza, 243 from Inhambane, 225 from Sofala, 107 from Manica, 89 from Cabo Delgado, 53 from Zambezia and three from Niassa.

3,294 tests have given negative results and 1,394 people have tested positive for the coronavirus. This brought the total number of Covid-19 cases diagnosed in Mozambique to 96,127.

Once again, the largest number of positive cases came from Maputo City (781), followed by Tete (188) and Maputo Province (167). Together, these three provinces accounted for 81.5% of all positive cases diagnosed on Friday. There were also 105 cases from Gaza, 61 from Manica, 40 from Sofala, 26 from Inhambane, 16 from Nampula, seven from Zambezia and four from Cabo Delgado. None of the three people tested in Niassa was positive.

On Friday, the national positivity rate (the proportion of people tested infected with the virus) was 29.7%. The rates for the previous days were 28.3% Thursday, 35% Wednesday, 30.8% Tuesday and 45.1% Monday.

When the positivity rate is broken down by province, a familiar pattern emerges. As was the case throughout July, the rate tends to be much higher in the provinces south of Zambezia than in those north of the river.

For the second day in a row, the highest positivity rate (57%) was recorded in Manica, followed by Gaza (42%), Maputo city (34.7%), Maputo province (33 , 8%) and Tete (27.4%).

The highest rate north of the Zambezi was 13.2 percent recorded in the Zambezi. The rate fell to 5.5 percent in Nampula and 3.4 percent in Cabo Delgado. No significant positivity rate could be calculated for Niassa, where there were only three tests, none of which were positive.

During the same 24-hour period, 28 Covid-19 patients were discharged from the hospital (16 in Maputo, four in Matola, three in Gaza, three in Sofala, one in Tete, and one in Manica). But more than three times that number of patients – 91 – have been admitted to Covid-19 treatment centers (53 in Maputo, 14 in Matola, 10 in Sofala, seven in Manica, three in Tete, three in Gaza and one in Nampula).

The number of people treated in Covid-19 wards fell from 419 Thursday to 451 Friday – a new record for the number of Covid-19 patients hospitalized. 299 of these patients (66.3%) were in Maputo, 51 in Sofala, 37 in Matola, 24 in Tete, 14 in Manica, seven each in Zambezia, Inhambane and Gaza, three in Nampula and two in Niassa. Cabo Delgado remains the only province where no Covid-19 patient is hospitalized.

This rapid increase in hospitalizations linked to Covid-19 is straining health services. In his address to the nation on Thursday, President Filipe Nyusi warned that at this rate there is a real danger that hospitals will run out of intensive care beds and oxygen for patients, and personal protective equipment for patients. health workers.

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