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Madagascar is the king of the Internet


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Lilongwe – The SADC member state, Madagascar, has the fastest internet speed in Africa, while three other southern African countries are in the continental top ten, according to a study.

Madagascar’s internet speed is higher than that of the UK and other developed countries, thanks to East Africa’s submarine cable system. The Indian Ocean island state has the fastest internet speeds in Africa since 2018.

The AllAfrica Infowire study also indicates that Africa had around 525 million internet users in 2020.

Regarding internet speed, AllAfrica Infowire says: “Topping the list we have Madagascar, the country with the fastest internet speeds in Africa with an average internet speed of 32.07 Mbps. This places the country atop Africa and ranked 33rd in the world, which is a bit surprising as it is ahead of developed countries like the UK and Australia.

The other SADC countries in the top ten in Africa are Seychelles, another island in the Indian Ocean, which comes in third with an average internet speed of 26.76 Mbps.

South Africa is ranked fifth on the continent (23.17 Mbps), and this country is responsible for around 60% of the internet traffic generated in Africa.

Yet another Indian Ocean island country, Mauritius, is ranked ninth (19.24 Mbps) as the country has made significant improvements in broadband internet access in recent years.

The other top 10 countries in Africa are Cabo Verde in second position (27.53 Mbps), Ghana in fourth (23.98 Mbps), Gabon in sixth (21.89 Mbps), Liberia in seventh (21.89 Mbps) , 34 Mbps), Togo in eighth (20.14 Mbps) and Senegal in tenth (18.65 Mbps).

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