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Gainful offers a personalized approach to sports nutrition


Even with the advent of protein powders and various pre and post workout nutrients, it can seem like every product is trying to provide a “one size fits all” solution. Since every body is different with its own set of needs and requirements, a mass market approach to fueling and recharging your body before and after a workout is not the most ideal option. That’s why Gainful has personalized its product offering, giving customers the ability to store and control their protein powder. Gainful’s Custom Protein Powder process begins with a thorough investigation to identify the right system – including frequency and quantity – that matches your lifestyle, body type, and fitness goals. From there, Gainful provides a protein product designed in concert with a registered dietitian, formulated with simple ingredients designed to bring your body closer to its fitness goals. Gainful is also attacking protein powder’s reputation for bad taste by designing its product to be completely tasteless; eight different flavor boosters – from strawberry cream and Madagascar vanilla to matcha green tea and cinnamon toast – can be added for an equally unique and individualized flavor experience.

Price: $ 39 + $ 24 +


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