Month: April 2019

What you need to know about online social micro creditWhat you need to know about online social micro credit

Reserved for people most in financial difficulty, social micro credit allows the borrower to finance property in order to improve his daily life and his situation. How to learn about social micro credit? Where to apply? If the micro credit professional is granted to create or develop a professional activity, the micro credit social, it, […]

Which credits to buy back? How to buy back credits?Which credits to buy back? How to buy back credits?

The redemption of credits, for whom? Why? Which credits are concerned? The redemption of credit is a tempting solution when it becomes difficult to repay debts. It allows to group all its credits in one in the same bank by extending the repayment period but especially by reducing the monthly payment which gives us the […]

What loan work for what situation?What loan work for what situation?

Nowadays, insufficient funds for the realization of a real estate project is an easy problem to solve. The banks and organizations authorized in the financial loan nowadays offer a large inventory of financial credit offers. To finance an interior design and decoration, construction or renovation work or housing extension works, the loan works is a […]